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Czech Water Alliance

Czech Water Alliance is an association of leading Czech firms catered for by the support of the Czech governmental pro-export agency CzechTrade.

The export-oriented Czech Water Alliance is a response to current trends of the world economy, such as internationalising of business, joining of competitors, production outsourcing and increasing the added value in procedurally managed companies.

Czech Water Alliance associates Czech firms with experience from all areas of water management. Czech Water Alliance provides a more efficient, modern and easier path to implementation of your other water-based projects.

List of events for 2011

Name Date City Country
Ecology of big city 21.-24.3.2011 Petersburg Russia
WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL - 2011 2.-5.5.2011 Berlin Germnay
IFAT CHINA – 2011 5.-7.5.2011 Shanghai China
WasteTech – 2011 31.5.-3.6.2011 Moscow Russia
WASMA – 2011 19.-21.10.2011 Moscow Russia
ENVIROMENT and ENERGY – 2011 20.-23.10.2011 Riga Latvia
AQUA UKRAINE – 2011 8.-11.11.2011 Kiev Ukraine

List of events for 2010

Name Date City WWW Country
ECOLOGY of BIG CITY 17.3.-19.3.2010 St. Petersburg Russia CzechTrade
ECWATECH 1.6.-4.5.2010 Moscow Russia MPO
IFAT 13.9.-17.9.2010 Munich Germany CzechTrade
Enviroment and Energy 14.10.-17.10.2010 Riga Latvia CzechTrade
ENVICITY and WATERTECH October 2010 Athens   Greece Embassy of Czech Republic in Athens
POLLUTEC 30.11.-2.12.2010 Lyon France MPO