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MARVES v. o. s.

Company profile

MARVES Chomutov plc, was established in 1991. At present the company employs perhaps thirty employees in professions which correspond with an activity filling. Further ten employees are collected in project group. The company comprehends an automatization of technological entity as complex, from a site works project over a machine technologie, a power current, to a superstructure conduct. To that corresponds as an qualification of workers as also competency to an activity of the firm.


Products & Services

Main activity of the company pose complex services in the area of automatization of technological process. They produce number of components of electronics.
Big space of a company`s activity was dedicated already to wide area dispatching systems, mainly in the area of water supply, gas manufacture, heat economy etc.

Realized important actions

Water house Chomutov, Žatec - water dispatching, project, realization - 54 objects

Water house Most, Louny - water dispatching, project, realization - 20 objects

Water house Litoměřice - water dispatching, project, realization - 57 objects

Water house Česká Lípa - water dispatching, project, realization            - 33 objects

Water house Děčín, Varnsdorf - water dispatching, project, realization  - 65 objects

Water house Liberec, Jablonec - water dispatching, project, realization - 80 objects

Water house Teplice GŘ - water dispatching, project, realization            - 1 object

Water house Řevnice-Dobříchovice - water dispatching, project, realization - 3 objects

Water house Vejprty - water dispatching, project, realization - 1 object

Water house Turnov - water dispatching, project, realization - 16 objects

Water house Semily - water dispatching, project, realization - 12 objects

ČOV Údlice - conduct of boiler house 2 ´ 600 kW technologic data collection, conduct 100 points

Central-Czech gas company - gas dispatching, controlling automatics - 83 objects

Heat station Komořany - bin slag measurement - 1 object

VT Chomutov - energetic data collection - 100 places

Ironworks Chomutov - calcar measurement - 1 object

Therm Vejprty Ltd. - heat dispatching, conduct of boiler houses  3 ´ 2 MW

ČS Dolánky - project, complex recontruction, controlling, telemetry         

ČOV Hrádek nad Nisou - project and realization of electrical fitting       

Water station and drainage Plzeň - water dispatching, project, realization of technologic electrical fitting - 11 objects

Water house Turnov - water dispatching                

Water house Semily - water dispatching                  

ČOV Libiš - project, technologic electrical fitting, controlling        

ČS Čeradice - project, technologic electrical fitting, controlling, telemetry           

ČOV Mělník - project, technologic electrical fitting, controlling, controlling of dewatering line

obr 1 Mavres obr 2 Marves



MARVES v. o. s.
Kadaňská 3545
430 03 Chomutov

Phone: +420 474 624 187
Fax: +420 474 624 187